Wednesday, 19 August 2009


strikes me that bourbon creams have soporific qualities. Even with the caffeine in the accompanying cup of tea, after two biscuits, I could happily push my keyboard to one side, put my head on my desk (storytime at primary school style) and have a little sleep.

This was worrying me greatly – I even went to my local Lloyds pharmacy and got myself tested for diabetes, but that was all absolutely fine (thankfully).

I’ve always had the problem that ridiculously coloured and sugared sweets at lunchtime leave me catatonic (no, not literally, obviously), but a couple of biggies with a 10 o’clock cuppa shouldn’t be doing this, should they?

Of course, it doesn’t help that I’m at work and automatically bored. This is what has led me biscuit-ward in the first place.


NANCY said...

Hi, L -

I'd like to chat a bit about the article you wrote about 16 months ago, comparing the 4 British knitting mags.

Please respond if you'd like - my own contacts below.

NANCY said...

I HATE the keys that send one's comments before they are completed!

ANYway. I am also:

geminiknitter on ravelry