Monday, 9 November 2009

Getting things finished


This has been a weekend for getting things finished, and some of them have been going on a ridiculously long time.

Firstly, there's a pair of gloves which are a commissioned pattern, so I'll post a pic when they're published.

Secondly, there's a sweater that has taken me a year to make. Not because it's particularly complicated, just because I kept putting it down and picking it up again.

My mate Mandy wanted a sweater like the Vicar of Dibley's. She tried to describe it to me and the best we could come up with (from descriptions such as - "it was in the episode when...") was this:

As you can see - not much to go on.

So I went to Ann Budd for the basic shape (of course - she is goddess), and created the folowing:

I just hope she likes it, but if I see it in the local Oxfam shop, then I'll know the answer!


Nothing new to report, although I did send off a short story comp entry a couple of weeks ago. Don't expect to win, but it felt good to enter!


Not much work in (hence my crisis of confidence the other day), so I did my favourite thing; I threw stuff away. We had a bureau in our dining room (very1950s and not in a good way, but a serviceable piece of furniture, none the less) which was filled with all sorts of nonsense. It had become a bit of a "dumping ground" for everything - bits of wrapping paper, batteries, you know the type of stuff.

So I decided to sort it out and then had a thought. The desk in what we laughingly call "the office" was falling apart. This wasn't helped by an incident when I got it stuck over a banister and ended up taking a saw to it, but that's another story.

So it occurred to me that the bureau could go into the office and the desk could go into the tip. Sorry, not very environmentally friendly, but it was so rubbish I didn't feel I could offer it on Freecyle or similar - it was a bit of a health hazard.

So this is what we have done. We now have more room in the dining room, more room in the office (the bureau is slightly smaller than the old desk) and have got rid of an unsightly bit of crap. There's nothing like a bit of de-cluttering to lift the spirits, is there?

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