Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Crochet Slippers

Here is the latest pattern - crochet slippers for Inside Crochet.

The yarn (Louisa Harding, Kashmir Baby) is gorgeous. I think I have something similar/diff name in the stash from my last trip to the USA - I really should use it!

Serious thanks go to Zoe, the technical editor for getting this pattern into publishable shape. I was obviously having a very dizzy moment when I typed it up. And when I sent her my spreadsheet (showing how the increases worked), to show where I'd got my numbers from, I swear she must have thought that I was mad as well as daft. I had the pleasure of meeting Zoe at Ally Pally and so I was able to give my thanks and apologies in person. She's much kinder than I deserve!

Anyway, enough self-flagellation - here's the pattern.

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