Friday, 28 October 2011

Recent publications

I've been a lousy blogger - apologies. But here are a couple of recently published items.
Men's accessories for Let's Knit.
I was in the flattering position of being emailed to ask if I could come up with something (given my success at a man's tie!).
Adapting some other patts (including the Long Suffering One's never ending scarf), I came up with the attached. It's in King Cole Mirage - a 50% wool yarn that I really like, it's soft and warm. I had initially suggested blacks and greys, so was surprised when this colourway turned up, but I was very pleased with how the things turned out.
The second pattern (in Inside Crochet) is, again, an adaptation of an old knitting idea, but this time adapted for crochet. The yarn (James C Brett Pure Merino) is beautifully soft.

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