Sunday, 25 August 2013

It never works out quite as you plan.....

The idea was simple - I had a cone of 4ply cotton - perfect for a summer cardigan, perfect to work on, during my holiday.

I feared it would be boring, so I bought (a ridiculous amount of) blue and white 4ply for the edges. As it turned out, this was a slightly heavier 4ply, but as it was for the cuffs, welt etc, wasn't a problem. I was using the wonderful Ann Budd's pattern and making a round-necked sweater, with the white a blue edging, like a Chanel inspired piece.

I did the edgings before going away. The holiday was good and thanks to audio books, I got the back and both sleeves done while in Tenerife.

It began to occur to me that I didn't have enough pink to do the two fronts.


As the blue and white were a little heavier, I didn't want to use the same stitch pattern, so added a shell/lace panel instead.

Then I realised there wasn't enough to do even this on the second front! So, I had to put another panel up the front, with a thin pink strip to try to tie it all together.

Because it was a shell pattern, working a V-neck proved much simpler.

I'm happy with the end result, but would have preferred both sides to have just the pink and single blue piece.

As I've unpicked it several times,  (while working out what I could do with the remaining yarn), am glad to have it done, more than anything.

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