Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Anti-depressants - how despressing!

It's very disappointing to hear all over the news that a reports suggests that commonly prescribed anti-depressants are ineffective.

I've been taking them for years - perhaps that's why I've been feeling so crap for a few weeks?

It's been a couple of days for disappointments - firstly I was at work until 3 yesterday, and until 5 today (I'm supposed to finish at 2) because of having to sort out other people's problems (I know, nobody likes a martyr), and yesterday I decided that I had to undo the back of my waistcoat (decided to design my own in the end), cos it was muppetry compared to the front.

Never mind -that's what makes life interesting.

I feel as though I'm trying to spread myself a little thin at the moment, what with work, writing and everything else I'm trying to do.

Never mind - all things pass.

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