Thursday, 7 February 2008

I've been a bit lax in my duties

I've not been a good correspondent, knitting patterns aside.

So what's been happening in the exciting world of moi?

Bugger all really.

My best beloved had a birthday, so we went to see St Trinians. I'm not sure that "better than I thought it would be" is a glowing film review.


So little done that it's embarrassing. Life has taken over, somewhat.


I'm carrying on with Brenda's second draught excluder - sadly the first one was not a hit, and succeeded in getting wedged under the wrong door giving her problems getting into her house, so a second attempt is required. I'm using up some old stash with it, so it's another recycled effort.

I've also started the back of a waistcoat, but I don't know what the front's going to be like, yet.

Apart from that I've had my hair cut (very stylish), and have been training a new employee, so am knackered, and off to listen to Radcliffe and Maconie whilst enjoying a jacket potato.

Rock and Roll, eh?

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