Saturday, 14 June 2008

It's a good job not many read this....

.... Or I'll have been letting my readership down.

Over a month since my last post?

P*** poor, I know.

But I've been busy with work n stuff.

I've managed quite a few things on the knitting/crochet front too.

This is my first tapestry crochet bag - a birthday gift for a friend.

I was so pleased with it that I wrote to a knitting mag, and asked them if they wanted to commission me for another! I'll keep you posted on that one.

I decided to make another anyway, to take my stuff to knitting group in:

I've also finished a dog coat - using my Russian joined stash balls in a fake-isle stylee.

And have made blanket for my cousin's baby (due later this year).

I've completed another couple of cushions - sponge bob for my niece's car, and a corporate one to raise money at work.

I'm also working on my first Baby Surprise Jacket, and loving the pattern.

You can see why I haven't had time to write, really!

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