Sunday, 4 May 2008

It gets better!

In yesterday's post, I was bemoaning the fact that someone had questioned my article without having read it.

Today, I've got a comment on one of my knitting articles with the comment "That is the ugliest cardigan I've ever seen".

Is this the level of debate I'm to expect?

I was going to allow the comment on there, but decided to take it off after all - what would be gained, and I don't want to give currency to this low level of discussion.

I'm almost envious of this person - if I had time to comment on everything I found ugly, I'd barely have time to get dressed in the morning, let alone to anything useful.

Ho hum!


Allie said...

How rude of them! Surely they could have been a little more polite. And if they thought it was that bad, then suggestions of improvements ought to be forthcoming, rather than mere insults. I'm sure they're in the minority, however. Your work is lovely.

Lah Lah said...

Thank you for your comment.

Sorry it's taken so long to read it! Life's been a bit crazy recently.