Thursday, 17 July 2008

Loose ends?

I've finished the BSJ, which I'm fairly pleased with.

I will probably make an Adult Surprise Jacket at some point (seems like a good way to use the stash).

I've also been using up some yarn in my stash which is ridiculously thick. I'm making my sister a rather un-glamourous "body warmer" for when she's out walking her dog. I offered to make the dog something matching, but if it's possible to show panic in an email, that's what she did!

The yarn (Sirdar Country, 100% wool) is recommended for 9mm needles, which means that this item is knitting up in no time, but I've had to put in a large stripe of some recycled dark lilac yarn, otherwise I would have run out half way up the back!

So, Wips at the moment are:

Dad dog coat (so called, because I speak to my dad nearly every day, and I knit this while we're chatting).

Brenda's cinammon bark - I'm beginning to dislike the pattern intensely (although I think it would make good socks), but I feel committed now.

Red socks, made with yarn bought on hols.

No pic, but let's be honest, not much of a pattern, either!

Lace shawl - I think I'm going to frog it, and use some nicer quality yarn instead. The red nylon I've started could always be put in with other acrylics for more dog coats.

Not too bad then?

I've just written another article for Suite 101 (brewpubs in Victoria, BC), but I've got to pull my finger out next week - I'm meant to do 10 every 3 months - I've got 2 1/5 weeks to write 5 articles.

Muse - come to me now!

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Jo said...

Just visiting, love the bsj, look forward to seeing it in the flesh, to inspire us all to a group bsj knitalong!