Saturday, 16 August 2008

Another month gone?

How could another month have passed since my last entry? I must have been distracted by all the fantastic weather we've been having. (Sarcasm is just one of the services I offer....)

I had my first Suite 101 payment - a whole £6.07!

It's actually quite sad how excited that made me. Just think what I'll be like when my bag's in Let's Knit mag!

I've done lots of small bits and pieces recently - tea cosies, hats and the like.

The hat is an attempt at a 1920s "flapper" hat which will go with my lace silk scarf, knitted last year,

I've also done a bit of charity knitting (dog coats for K9 knitters and cat blankets for the RSPCA).

In fact, the only big thing I've made is a gilet for my sister Bev, when she's out dog-walking. It's yarn that I bought at Ally Pally last year which is 100% wool and incredibly thick. She seemed pleased with it when I gave it to her, so hope she gets some use from it.

I frogged Brenda's "Cinnamon Bark". The pattern was getting right up my nose, but I will use it to make some socks. It is pretty, even if a pain to knit.

I've had inspiration this very morning for a child's dress pattern, which I would hope to sell to a knitting mag, so I must put together a sample section (my drawing's awful, so I need to put something together so that they've got a chance of envisaging what I've got in mind!) I'm thinking old fashioned, pastel colours, 4 ply yarn, interesting techniques. Wish me luck!

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