Sunday, 26 October 2008

Big projects and a sign of the times.


Yet again, I've been trying to sort out my queue.

I've finished the crochet gloves,

but now must move on to other things (mainly gloves, tea cosies and socks), so it looks as though all of my projects are small.

However, I have completed one large project - mega in fact as it was using size 20mm needles. Inspired by all of the giant knitting at Ally Pally, I've made a monster bathmat, the pattern for which will appear in another post.

Precious little activity, although I am taking a long time to be rejected, following my latest submission. Is this a sign that my work is being pondered over, laughed at (in a good way) and generally heralded as the next big thing? Or is it that the slush pile is huge. Or is it that it got lost in the post. Ah well, no news is.....well, it's no news, to be honest.


I witnessed a sign of the current economic climate yesterday - a Bentley in Lidl's carpark. Made me smile.

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Jo said...

nice gloves!