Wednesday, 1 October 2008

One down


I've finished the first of the small projects I had in my queue - a tea cosy for Delia.

Observant readers (!) may notice that Delia had a tea cosy not long ago - well she has two teapots (now that's what I call posh) and this is for the smaller pot. She wanted greens, so this turned into a nice little stash buster.

The next project will be a pair of tapestry crochet gloves for Ros, in time for her birthday (Nov 4th). Shouldn't be a problem.


After reading an article in one of the writer's mags, I've decided to send off my (re-ordered) first three chapters to another publisher. I'm so predictable - full of bravado when it goes off ("well, if it's rejected, that's fine") and full of upset when it's rejected, but it's definitely not going to get published sitting on my computer, that's a given.


My work is busy at the moment, and on Monday I woke up thinking "I'll be glad when this training is over". It occurred to me that I am forever wishing my life away, waiting for something to finish. I think I may be happier if I learned to live in the moment. However, since coming to this point of view, I have turned into "Mr Creosote" and am eating everything in front of me (even the cat looks a bit worried), so I'm obviously not finding this new viewpoint to be a happy one!

Perhaps it will be better when..........


Jen Pringle said...

Love the tea cosie! ooh, and thanks for christening my blog - i feel like i should celebrate! see you in a couple of weeks. Jen x

Jo said...

I know just how you feel because i keep promising myself that I'll do this or that when I'm not so busy and I seem to be constantly busy....the MOMENT it is then!