Sunday, 30 November 2008

Too little time

In theory, time is constant. By counting "1 elephant, 2 elephant" etc, one can count seconds. Count 60 of them and you have a minute, count 60 minutes and you have an hour.....well, you all know how it goes.

So why does time keep disappearing? It's DECEMBER, for goodness sake, how did that happen? It seems only five minutes ago that it was June!


Needless to say, most of my queue is still a queue. One of Alena's Arsenal socks is completed, and I'm not far from the heel on the other, but time is my enemy.

It's my works fault. I ended up working yesterday (a Saturday! I'm an office worker, we don't do Saturdays) because of "data migration UAT" (which is converting one computer system to another and checking the information, for those of us who don't speak computer) and this had to be done over a weekend.

All next week, I'm going to have to work full time to help our new colleagues feel comfortable with said computer system and then we're only 3 weeks away from Christmas!

As my sister has told me that she doesn't like wool right next to her skin, I no longer have to worry about making her any socks, which is good as I really won't have the time.

I've kept my Christmas knitting list realistic, so nobody should have to wait until Spring to get their FO, but I must start earlier next year (like, in January).


Time may also be my enemy here. This week's writers' group will include my last distributed chapter that's already been re-drafted. I was SO ahead of the game, but now the game has overtaken me.

I must also get some more articles written - I'm falling behind and I could do with the cash!


I'm still waiting for things to get better. Roll on the week after next (there I go, wishing and waiting and hoping again...)

Ah well - keep smiling.

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