Sunday, 22 March 2009

Some good some bad


I've not got any pics (sorry, bad blogger), but I'm in the throes of making a sheep teacosy for a colleague. A friend saw the pattern and may also want one to give as a gift to a sheep fan, so that's keeping me busy.


This is the reason for the blog title.

I've had two responses to my synopsis and three chapters.

1) "Thanks, it's fun but not for us". Well, fair enough. Much better than "well, that was crap", or "are you having a laugh" or similar.
2) "Thanks. Could I see the rest of the book?"
Well of course you can!!!

That was sent off last week, and a stony silence has ensued. I like to think it's because the agent is avidly reading it, pitching it to eager publishers, and negotiating my multi-million pound advance in the bidding war.

That's what I like to think. Realistically, it's probably stuck in the Mount Pleasant sorting office.

A magpie landed on my roof this morning (one for sorrow), and if I were superstitious, I would take it as a sign that the novel will never be published. Good job I don't believe in such nonsense then, isn't it?

Wish me luck.

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