Saturday, 11 April 2009

Bits of news

I've done a few small projects.
1) I made a tea cosy for a lady at work. My mate Brenda saw it, and commented on how her sister in law likes sheep, so the below is for her...

2) While at knitting group a couple of weeks ago, a lady was wanting help with a circular blanket, which a couple of us were happy to give.

I tried to memorise the pattern and use up some scraps for the RSPCA. It obviously went wrong somewhere, as my blanket had too many stitches to lay flat. However, the mighty Spud seems to like it, so it's hers.

(Please note that this is the only time that the psychotic creature looks cute - don't be fooled).
My next pattern will be in Let's Knit next month. This month, it's in the promo picture for the next issue. "How lovely, I thought, but why is the little girl wearing the dress back to front?"
Big news!
I've got an agent!!!!!!!
(And I realise that she would probably chastise me for that many exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
I'm still in shock about it. After twenty years plus of scribbling, someone finally has enough faith in my book to take it on.
I will love her forever! (If she reads this, she's probably a bit scared now).
We had a good phone conversation and will meet up in a few weeks time, but she's already passed my synopsis and three chapters to a commissioning editor for perusal.
I'm off for a lie down.

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Jo said...

great to see the sheep! and the blanket, and as you know I can't wait to drop you into friend Lesley the PUBLISHED writer....and to get my hands on the book of course!