Sunday, 10 May 2009

Home knitting - just say no

Unless you are a champion speed knitter, don't do any home knitting - it's just not worth it!

  • They pay £37 for a sweater - it's intarsia - it took me 1 1/2 hours just to sew the ends in.

  • It's, quite possibly, the ugliest sweater in the world (but in cashmere and mohair - who pays hundreds for this stuff?)

  • The yarn is leaving its dye all over my hands - I look like a negative of the black and white minstrel show

  • They didn't send enough bloody yarn! So I was thinking I'd get this finished today (and was doing my usual trick of knitting faster because I was running out of yarn), but couldn't do it. I've got about 35 rows of a sleeve to do, so it won't take a huge amount of time, but man am I p-d off!

Pattern published

My second published pattern appeared this week.

(picture as it appears in Let's Knit! Magazine)

This has caused some hilarity, as my original idea was for the buttons to go at the back but still, I know about knitting, not children.


I've started work on the next book (working title Scattering). Not much written yet, but positive responses from my writing group on reading the first 1500 words, so that's all good.


Tired - too much bloody knitting! Let me qualify that - too much unsatisfactory knitting of horrible patterns for no reward. There, that's better.

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