Saturday, 10 April 2010

Crochet Entrelac

Well, there's been another slight flurry of activity as "Cleo" a little bag made from crochet entrelac is published this month.

Quite proud of it. I have since perfected the technique (kinda), but the method given in the pattern is absolutely fine for this yarn.

Hoping to see another pattern using the stitch, but in a different way. Fingers crossed and watch this space.
While I'm waiting in the car.....
....and I often am, I've started making crochet hexagon medallions out of the DK acrylic that's creating a fire hazard in the cupboard.

I've done quite a few, so it was time to start sewing them up.

I have a feeling that it will turn into a blanket without end, but at least it's busting a little stash. Each hexagon takes approx 30m (which in acrylic is about 10g). If anyone would like the pattern, it's here.
Love and peace to all.

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