Sunday, 14 March 2010

A night at the opera, a day in a draught and playtime!

A Night at the Opera

My opera gloves appeared in this month's Let's Knit.

They were made using a provisional cast on, like a "toe up" sock. This allowed for regular knitting problems of getting fed up with the pattern and/or running out of yarn!
The yarn in this case is absolutely wonderful to work with (Fyberspates Scrumptious). Highly recommended.
Perhaps these gloves would go with the tiara that I made for Andrea. She's going to have a party at some point, and wanted suitable headgear. I've left it fairly plain, as she's an artist, so I thought that she might want to embellish it herself.

A Day in a Draught
It took me a year, but I finally finished the scarf for the long-suffering one.
I used Arequipa, and realised that I wouldn't have enough (he wanted it long enough to tie into a New York knot) and so I put a ball of sock yarn in the middle.

(Modelled by Bert)
The pattern uses the mitre/domino/modular technique (pattern to follow).

Many thanks to the lovely Jo and the ladies of the local spinners' group, for a day of dyeing (note the "e" in the middle).
Having never dyed anything before (assuming a dylon in the washing machine doesn't count), then this was a great experience.
My second batch (the darker of the two) wasn't at all as I had planned, and shows what happens when you slosh too much dye in, but it also proves the joy of a happy accident, as I'm really pleased with both of them.

Not sure what to use them for, but I feel that I am desperately short of waistcoats at the moment, and so there may be some stranded work in the offing.

Also working on an Adult Surprise Jacket, but photos to follow when I'm further along.

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