Friday, 24 September 2010

In 38 years of knitting, this is a first

Those who know me, know that I never have enough yarn to make a sweater. This is why my creations for myself have blocks, strips and stripes.

And so, for the first time in nearly 40 years of knitting I have made, for myself, a sweater all from the same yarn!

(Pause for fanfare).

It's still pretty colourful, but it is all the same yarn. This usually only happens for design commissions.

It's an Ann Budd raglan design. I made the sleeves, then did a provisional cast on for the front/back and worked the yoke (similar process to the black sweater in an early post).

Then I picked up the prov cast on and worked down until I ran out.

I think that I could have done the neck a little better (bit of a funnel there), but winters a-coming in, and it will keep me warm in my chilly little office.

The yarn is Wendy Fusion, bought a couple of years ago when a local shop closed down (all yarn has to be in the stash for at least 2 years until it's used - that's the law...).

Generally happy with it - the yarn was nice to work with and should be fairly warm and cosy.

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