Sunday, 12 September 2010

Two Patterns in Let's Knit

I can now reveal two of the "teasers" from an earlier post.

The first is a pair of gloves with the top of the first finger and thumb missing. I call them "commuter gloves" with the idea being that the wearer can keep their hands warm while reading a book or operating an MP3 player while on a draughty train. It was actually my Dad's suggestion, so he should take the credit for the idea - it's just that he doesn't knit.
I have a pair of these in dark colours, sombre for work.

In the same issue, there's a circular yoke crochet cardigan with a swirl pattern. My initial suggestion was for a plain yarn with a variegated swirl. The good folks at the magazine came up with this colour option instead. The yarn is a teal colour, but looks more blue in the mag. Happy with the way it's been styled, though (so much better than simply being laid out on the top of my chest freezer!

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