Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Year Totals

I'm not sure if the Knit Meter will change on 1st Jan, so in case it does, I'd just like to record that I've knitted/crocheted 14,277 metres during 2010.

It's more than that, as with the commissions, I don't count them until they're published, but I'm still quite happy with that as a total.

However - I suspect that there has still been a net gain for the year, which is not so good. Must try harder. But it's hard to burn the stash when I'm making things for the magazines, as the yarn gets sent to me.

Hopefully, with willpower, time and organisation, I'll get quite a bit used up. Hope springs eternal, eh?

And here's the list of completed projects:

2010 09 Cardigan in Wendy Fusion
2010 09 Chunky Black Jacket
2010 07 Baby things
2010 06 Handwarmers
2010 06 Cakes
2010 06 Gift Bags
2010 04 Crochet Bag
2010 03 Opera Gloves
2010 03 Tiara
2010 02 Forever Scarf
2010 02 Tunisian Crochet Gift Bag
2010 02 Andrea's Hat
2010 02 Crochet Handwarmers
2010 01 Crochet Wave Hat
2010 01 Black Flapper Hat

Is that it?

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