Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades

Mind your eyes, chaps!

This is the latest published pattern, a charming little crochet number for Inside Crochet.

My colour suggestions were purple and gold, but other colours were suggested and as I have no idea what photographs well or is in fashion, I am more than happy to go along with the editor's suggestions.

In this case, the colours as viewed on internet sites did not do the yarn full justice and so these were a little on the bright side when they arrived. To be honest, I think it works, but only just.

I notice that in the mag they suggest classic Chanel type colours, such as navy and cream. Yep - that would work too.

I also made the thing too big - allowing far too much ease. It's not a situation that will recur, although my personal items will still be big enough to swim in!

Of course, the main thing about this design, was the texture, not the colour or shape. I wanted to recreate knitted leaves/buds in crochet and I'm pleased with the result.

Put your shades on and enjoy.


Hedo said...

Very, very charming. I'd say the bright colors serve it well. :D

I personally think they look a little bit more like balloons or lollipops. Then again, it may just be the bright colors giving me that impression.

Lah Lah said...

Thanks for your comment.

Yes - they are like balloons (and could possibly work well in a contrast colour), so perhaps on a "wiggly" stem, a whole picture could be created......mmmm....

Thanks again