Sunday, 9 January 2011

Help me doctor, it's a bad case of "finishitis"

What is it about New Year turns my brain into some kind of butterfly?

Some of the magazine editors have sent through their themes for future issues, so that's got the grey cells whirring and designs have been popping up left, right and centre.

I am a truly appalling artist, so when submitting an idea to an editor, I put together a sketch (which is little more than a schematic, to be honest), and a photograph of a stitch sample, so that the poor recipient can have some vague idea what I'm trying to show them.

So, at the moment, I'm all over the place with part finished samples, as well as the things that I'm was already working on.

Part of the problem is that I have this panic that if I don't "get in quick" with an idea, someone will beat me to it. This has happened to me in the last week, so the anxiety isn't entirely unfounded.

But a collection of part finished samples is definitely not going to get accepted, so I need to pull my finger out, and finish at least some of the following:

This little collection contains:

  • Part finished scrap "blankie" and the next ball of scraps (the round grey boucle)
  • A pair of handwarmers for my nephew's girlfriend (the pink/variegated)
  • A sample for a crochet idea (the white)
  • A sample for a knit idea (the turquoise)
  • A sleeveless sweater for me in "Reflections" (the other grey/black/white yarn)
  • An experiment using "jelly"yarn (possibly for a mag, but as it's such an unfamiliar yarn, I thought I'd better make the thing first).

And, on top of this, I've got another idea for something crocheted in cotton, but one thing at a time, methinks.

Must get one and finish one of these, at least.

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