Saturday, 1 February 2014

Grey and Slow, Bright and Fast

Although the cardigan from my last post wasn't that slow to make, it did get a bit monotonous and so I was glad of something quick and easy.

The yarn is Lanas Stop "Kaippo" which was bought on holiday in Tenerife last year. It's very soft and I fell for the colours.

The hat was made by working the brim and then sewing it into a loop, picking up the stitches and working out the crown. The first few rows (behind the brim) are K1, P1 rib, for a better fit.

Started a moebius/Mobius scarf and it then occurred that handwarmers would  be more useful. So I  made them from the other end of the ball, leaving the Mobius to be finished with whatever yarn was left.

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