Thursday, 13 February 2014

The year of making other people's patterns

Since the age of about thirteen, I have designed my own knitting patterns. This was partly through necessity - being an oversized teenager meant that nothing I wanted was available off the shelf.

Over time, this has meant that I have developed a snobbery about doing things "my own way". I remember standing at the Black Sheep stand at Ally Pally once, overhearing a lady say that she wouldn't buy the yarn that she was holding, unless she could find a pattern to make from it. I simply couldn't understand her - surely she could ad least adapt, if not substitute? What was wrong with the poor dear?

Ann Budd patterns aside, I have nearly always designed my own knitted and crocheted clothes, hats etc but the last year or so has brought a change. It all started with a duffle coat made for my great niece. It was a lovely pattern but everything was done the opposite way around to how I would do it (placing the pockets etc).

Then, family members have asked for things to be made (hats and the like), which have necessitated me using another designer's pattern.

From each item, I have picked up a new way of doing things.

So this is going to be the year when, as a rule, I don't design, but use other people's patterns. Of course, there may be some adaptation involved (I've recently reverse engineered a knitting pattern to turn it into crochet), but essentially, I am learning from others and enjoying the experience.

Next stop - pair of gloves for my sister.

Who knows what might follow.

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