Sunday, 30 March 2008

The therapeutic power of knitting

I've been on a course for the last few days, and took my knitting with me (natch).

There wasn't much opportunity for it, but there you go.

My journey home was beset by problems caused by engineering works.

Having already had to use a replacement bus service in London because of tube engineering works, I also had to get off my train and try to get another bus for 2 stops. That would have been great, had there been buses available, so we were all standing out in the rain getting bad tempered for about 20 minutes.

When our bus had eventually turned up, and taken us to where the rail service was being resumed, there was no train, and a half hour wait until the next one.

There were two options here:

1) To stand around with my fellow travellers and bemoan the poor service
2) Put some music in my ears, and sit knitting for half an hour. I did the latter, and the benefits were many:

I didn't feel as stressed as the others who were winding themselves up.
I was doing something creative, rather than just kicking my heels and feeling like my time was being wasted.
This was clear time - the project in question is a lace shawl, and is still at the 400 sts on the needle stage, so to be able to work through the stitch pattern without interruptions was welcome.

So, avoid stress - carry sharp pointy sticks.

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