Saturday, 12 April 2008

It's a funny old life!


I've started torturing agents with the novel. I thought it was about time.

I've got some non-fiction work on Suite 101 about knitting and other stuff, and I've been busy with loads of stuff, so hope still springs eternal.


I've got five projects on the go at the moment.

  1. Cinnamon bark in blue for Brenda

  2. Lace shawl for me (my first attempt at a lace shawl pattern - perhaps I should have followed one rather than deciding to make my own)

  3. Socks made out of the darning wool found in the loft - should be hardy!

  4. Fake-isle dog coat using one of my stash balls

  5. Domino crochet stash-busting afghan for the spare bed.

None of this stopped me shopping for more yarn today. Off to Wah Wah wools I went, in theory looking for 2.25mm needles (hard to get - not a standard size) and got a couple of others things instead.


I was in the Oxfam shop, feeling a little down, when I met the mother of a friend of mine, and we stood chatting for a few minutes.

After we'd parted company, I felt good, and no longer felt the need to go and buy chocolate or cakes to cheer myself up.

That's the catch 22 of depression, I guess (I'm trying to wean myself off citalopram, as I'm not convinced that they're working). People stop you feeling so down, but when you're over on the dark side, you don't want to talk to anyone.

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