Sunday, 20 April 2008

Bulimia? Aren't you supposed to throw up as well?


So, John Prescott has Bulimia. I feel sorry for him, and admire his courage in speaking publicly about it.

Years ago (I have a long history of "issues" with food) I was discussing this condition, and said that I could understand the bingeing, but had never forced myself to throw up, or get rid of the food in any other unpleasant ways - I've thought about it, but never done it. This was considered funny - after all - what's more hilarious than a fat person stuffing their face? However, when John Prescott says all this (and there's been no mention of fingers down the throat or laxatives - thank God!) it's not hysterically funny after all. Is it because I'm not a politician or some other kind of public figure? Is it because I'm female? Or is it just because the sketch writers haven't put together the jokes yet?

I hope he gets over the condition - and if he raises awareness of men dealing with eating disorders too, that's all to the good. One life helped is worth it.

Anything that opens up the debate has got to be positive.


I've finished one sock - yes, I had finished one before, but it wasn't long enough, so I've now finished the second sock, and am going back to lengthen the first one.

My stars in one of the knitting mags said that I should be less chaotic, and finish some of my UFOs (unfinished objects). Although astrology is largely bollocks, there is a certain logic in that, and so I shall finish the socks and try to finish everything else before I start anything new.


I've actually done some this morning! Well, some editing. I've had a knitting book idea rejected again, because that particular company isn't doing any more books on knitting at the mo. Ah well, shit occurs. It's a bit frustrating, as I think that I have quite a good idea, and when I see some of the books published on the subject, I do wonder who the target audience is, as they seem very limited in scope, but perhaps that's just another phrase for "specialisation" and actually, that's what I should be aiming for.

I've been editing the novel this morning, am now up to chapter three, so must keep on going. Considering I finished the first draft in November, I've done bugger all since, but I will shift the focus back.

Must. Do. Better.

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