Friday, 2 May 2008

Muppetry of the first order

Goodness me, there are some f-wits out there!

I have written a Suite 101 article on Mary Wollstonecraft's life.

I received a comment on this article (nice to know that someone's reading it).

The comment is, and I quote: was she married or not duh!

Well, she was (I researched this vital piece of information from MY OWN ARTICLE) and so penned what I hope is a polite reply:

Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, you have not specified which man. Mary Wollstonecraft did not marry Gilbert Imlay, but did marry William Godwin in 1797 (as noted in the article)

Isn't it nice that people read your work, and get involved in some kind of intellectual debate? Duh?

I chose to find this amusing.

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