Sunday, 24 January 2010

Further publications

Considering my last post was about buying new yarn, it amuses me that my most recent publications are about using up the scraps and burning the stash.

The wonderful people at Let's Knit even had me on their "designer profile" page at the front this time!

The designs stem from ideas I had a while ago about putting brights against black for a stained glass effect. I've tried this in tapestry crochet, which works okay, but the pattern turned out to be a knitted hat and mitts set.

It's about scraps, Russian joins and magic balls and although the end result would look great in wool (and would be fab in felted pattern) my scraps are all nasty from the stash, so that's what we used.

I liked the name "Tracery", but I know nothing about magazines or marketing, so figure that those who do are best placed to chose the names.
May I introduce Amelie.....
....and Isabelle

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