Tuesday, 9 February 2010

First published pattern for KAL Media

Very excited.

I love Let's Knit, as we all know. But it's nice to think that more than one editor likes my designs.

I've been rejected this morning by Inside Crochet for a second proposal (it happens, I may be able to improve it and suggest it elsewhere), but that doesn't mean that I wasn't really excited to see this - my first design for them.

Of course, since the preview's been up, I've been obsessively watching the comments on Ravelry, to see what folks think. Generally the response has been positive. Some ladies like it, but showed it to their men, who didn't. Some ladies wanted a female version (perhaps.....). One person didn't like it, thinking it was a bit 70s. Well, it is a tank top.
However, in the end, we can't pander to our audience. I liked the stitch pattern, and I feel that it's come out okay as a finished garment. Now I've just got to keep coming up with ideas that the editors like, too!

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