Saturday, 20 February 2010

Gift bags and....writing!

I have decided that it may be more sensible to use up my stash with small items (which I'm more likely to finish, being more of a project, than a process, crafter) rather than large blankets which will never be made.

So, I've made a gift bag. Not sure what gift will go in it yet, but it is re-usuable and has used up some yarn from the stash that I liked but didn't know what to do with. The yarn is Matisse by Adriafil. I got it ages ago and it's pretty, but odd - it's an aran weight, but because it's made of 51% viscose (along with cotton and acrylic), it's got quite a soft drape - not sure that's what I want in an aran weight yarn. Naturally, I didn't buy enough to make a garment (quel surprise), but I've managed to use 2 skeins in my gift bag, so I'm happy.

It's a tunisian crochet rectangle, which I then joined into a tube, and used regular crochet to make the base, and the top.

I haven't mentioned writing for a while, but I've actually done some!

I had been putting off writing "Scattering" because I had been busy. But, rather more crucially, I'm still not sure where that's going, and if there's enough there for a 100,000 word novel.

However, a new idea has come to me. The working title would be too much of a giveaway of the subject matter, so it will just be called "DTD" for the time being, and I feel very enthusiastic about it.

Hopefully, this will be more of a goer.


オテモヤン said...
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Lah Lah said...

How hysterical!

I appeared to have some kind of Japanese porn site attacking my blog....about knitting!!!!