Thursday, 18 February 2010

Well, I can't have any of my own....

It worries me sometimes how some things can make me ridiculously happy or excited.

Why, for example, would the arrival of an ebay purchase from "Mr Polystyrene" (do you think that's his real name?) make me so happy?

But it has.

Maybe it's because I can't have any of my own.

Maybe it's because I feel like a proper designer if I have some kind of model.

Maybe it's because I'm a sad old woman who really should know better.

Whatever the reason, may I introduce to you....

The Kids!

Ladies and gentleman, these two fine individuals are Bert and Ethel (she was going to be Annie, but saying "Bert and Annie" sounded like Hootenanny, and frankly, once a year's enough for that").

Bert is wearing a flapper hat, adapted from a vintage pattern, whereas Ethel is modelling my latest creation, a "disappearing rib hat" made from my own pattern. (Does that make me vain? Apologies if it does). This is for my hairdresser and friend, Andrea.

The hat actually looks very small when it's just sitting on the needles, due to the ribbing, but it does also go around Bert's head, so I'm hopefully that it will be warm and cosy on Andrea.

Prepare yourself for a hat knitting frenzy (I bought a block, too!!)

Ah, those two - they make me so proud.......

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