Sunday, 13 January 2008

Tired bunny/Closing down LYS


I did some yesterday! I had an hour to kill in Starbucks in Great Portland St (as you do) so I got out my writing down book, and started writing! Not sure how many words I've done (I finished the scene off on the train home). Although I was glad to be writing, I wasn't necessarily pleased with what I've written. It was so unfunny. :=(

Still, you can only edit what's on the page/screen, so I've got something to work with - and I'm back in the flow a bit!




Am I a bad person?
1) For buying yarn - I can barely fit it into my stash cupboard, but it was half price, it seemed rude not to, and who knows, I may even go back.
2) For going to the closing down sale of a shop I've never been to before. I hadn't even realised it was there. It's one of those old-fashioned shops that sells yarn and baby things. The range of yarn is not necessarily the best (mostly acrylic, and rather ordinary, but good store cupboard stuff), but I did manage to get some 100% wool at 60p/50 grams, and the lady even apologised that she had to charge 60p for that, rather than the usual 50p! It's closing down because she's retiring, so my previous lack of custom hasn't put her out of business. And I'm giving her less to tidy up now.

If I keep talking I think I could justify anything!

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