Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year

Hi all,

Happy New Year. A time for sorting out (13 bags of books to the charity shop on Saturday), reflection and prediction.

So, what did I achieve this year? Here's a brief list:
  1. Started a blog!
  2. Read 28 books (must do better)
  3. Finished a novel (first draft)
  4. Made 25 knitted/crocheted items.
  5. Lost no weight /ate far too much chocolate
  6. Saved no money (must do better).
  7. Disliked my job intently (see no 5)


  1. Will forget to add to the blog every now and again.
  2. Won't read as much as I would like to (that whole sleeping thing gets in the way)
  3. Will finish the second draft, and will punt it out to publishers and agents. The rest is in their hands. Will also do work on creative writing course, and try to get articles published.
  4. Will make more knitted items. I've made a semi-promise to myself not to buy any yarn for at least six months. Let's see...
  5. Will probably not lose any weight, although that may change (see no 7)
  6. Must save some money, while I'm still earning it.
  7. Will train for a new job, and then be self employed. Scary but exciting.


I've already saved some money - rather than going out and buying a fancy pants address book, I found a very ordinary one in a cupboard, and using wool from my stash made a gorgeous little cover for it (see under patterns). It's already somebody's favourite on ravelry, so I'm happy.

Whatever your dreams, may they come true.

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