Saturday, 5 January 2008

Is it me?

Am I the only person who doesn't give a damn about Britney Spears?

There are people dying of starvation in Kenya. God only knows what it's like in downtown Baghdad at the moment. All over the world there are sad, funny, uplifting or downright shocking stories going on. So why on earth is the third item on my TV news that fact that some barely talented US chav who got lucky can't see her kids anymore?

Sorry - I'll stop ranting now. I guess I'm just not a celebrity watcher!


I've started making a gas flame cushion for my sister's car. So far so good, will post a pic once it's further along. Basically I got a picture of the logo (isn't Google images fab?) and printed it onto graph paper, then traced round with a pencil to get my stitch numbers etc. Time and knitting will tell if it's any good. If not, frogging is always an option.


Nothing actually done, but I have now sorted Ursula out into some proper files, all ready to start cracking next week (we'll just get Grandad's funeral out of the way first).

The postal service is not fab. On New Year's Day (Tues), my Dad put a photograph in the post to me, which is to be used on the front of my Grandad's order of service for his funeral. We already had another picture, but apparently a better one had been found. Sadly, thanks to the postal service, it didn't get here on time for me to scan it in and use it. (Dad's not online, so we were relying on the snail service). There's nothing wrong with the picture we've got to use (Grandad is smiling and standard bearing - he was a military man), but it's not what we wanted, and therefore disappointing.

It's always the small stuff that irks, isn't it?

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dayzofrain said...

Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog fellow ravelry lady :D I really appreciate it.

I don't really care about Britney either and hate that I can't turn anything on without hearing about her.

Its sad that with all the attention no one has seemed to stepped up to help this woman.

I am sorry to hear about the postal service. THey never come through when you need them to and its so frustrating. I once sent something to my husband while he was deployed and it got there AFTER he'd already been home.

Anyway enough of my novel response.

Thanks again :D