Saturday, 22 December 2007

Cloche hat finished


After yesterday's news, I've been feeling (understandably) quite flat. Dad and my aunt are doing the running around, all I'll be doing is putting a bit of music (O mio babbino caro and the Intermezzo from the Cavelleria Rusticana) onto a CD for the ceremony. The funeral is provisionally booked for 7th January, provided we can get all the paperwork sorted out. It's sad that 88 years of life have been reduced to sheets of paper and administration, but as Harry Hill used to say "you've got to have a system".


The cloche hat is finished. According to the ravelry FAQs I can't put a new pattern on there, which is disappointing, so I'll put a link to here instead. It's in the patterns section.


Bugger all done.

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