Tuesday, 18 December 2007

A pain in the neck


Does Christmas Cards count?


I did a lot of knitting on the train, and so have done about 15" of my silk scarf - it will be a selection of lace patterns - God was I getting bored doing the same thing all through!


The cold I've had for the last two weeks is now just a cough, but it's sufficiently annoying that it's given me a stiff neck, and stiff shoulders. It probably doesn't help that I'm tired. Last night I couldn't sleep, partly because my beloved (who also has this cold) was snoring VERY loudly. I decided to take myself off to the spare room, which would have been fine, had books not started falling off the shelves above the bed at about five this morning.

Four hours sleep for me then! How lovely!

When I told my piano teacher this, she felt sorry for me, although looked a bit confused when I revealed that at no point did I think to protect my head with my hands or arms.


I finished reading Judy Astley's Pleasant Vices today. It was recommended by my aunt, and although it was amusing in places, I must confess that it didn't do a lot for me. I found the characters unconvincing; I kept thinking "she wouldn't do that"! And when you feel that way, the book hasn't absorbed you, as it should. Still, it got published - there's hope for us all!

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