Sunday, 9 December 2007

Long time no blog, almost long time no bog


It's been a while. First there was week in Turkey, and then a week recovering!


Mandy's scarf was completed on holiday. I'd remembered to take some Christmas wrapping with us, so it was dropped off on the way back.

Kelly's socks are also done, and have been wrapped and are waiting to go.

As all this stuff was done, I wound the skeins of silk bought at Ally Pally into balls, and am now thinking about scarves etc for moi.

I was going to make a hat with the same yarn, but I think it will eat into this particular yarn too much, so I'm using up some stash to make a little cloche number.


Following the completion of first draft (yippee!) I sketched out the synopsis on my hols, but I'm giving the novel a rest until after Christmas.

I had my assignment back from the Writers' Bureau course - full of praise - I really should try to get that published. I AM trying to get the bugger published, but how long do I leave it before hassling them? Oh, the trials.

The first 1,000 words or Ursula are going off to the "Wanna be a writer" competition. The first prize is a trip to Caerleon (haven't been there for about 20 years!), including an hour long session with Jane Wenham-Jones. All competitions are worth entering - I'll be punting that book everywhere this year.


The bathroom is nearing completion. The lovely Paul was here while we weren't to put it all in, but there were probs with the loo - all to do with waste positions (eeuuuggghh!).
Anyway - all now sorted, and despite falling tins of paint (glad I found that before the cat did), unstable loos, and dreadful weather (delaying things slightly), it's all beginning to look fab. Should hopefully be finished by tomorrow (bar the flooring - sort that out after Christmas).

Apart from that I have been rather snotty, by which I mean I have a cold, rather than snobbery being a new pastime, but I struggle on manfully, and don't like to make a fuss.

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