Saturday, 17 November 2007



I have finished first draft!
Let the bells chime, let the voices sing, let me dance, let me eat chocolate.

91,777 words.


I'm now going to put it away until after Christmas - buy myself a little objectivity, and then start on 2nd draft.

My shoulders ache, but I'm a happy bunny!


Brenda's tea cosy is also finished - another Christmas present sorted, and I've started on some socks for my niece Kelly. First time I've done socks,and I'm finding them a bit fiddly, but it's early yet.

I'm also dyeing a bit of yarn - some dusky pink I was given. I don't have a problem with dusky pink, but I had a bit of a glut, so I'm off to paint it pretty colours in a mo.


What life - I've been finishing the first draft!

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