Monday, 5 November 2007

A barrier broken


I have broken the 80,000 word barrier. Damn, it feels good!

I don't know that I've ever written this many words on one project before. I say I don't know as my first ever novel, the aptly titled Wasted Time was mostly hand written, so I've no idea what the word count is.

Running to Love, my twice-rejected Mills and Boon was only 52k words, and Finally, the book with the dullest heroine ever only made it to 62k, so I'm feeling good about Ursula, the current masterpiece.

I've also just avoided a sex scene too. Not that I have a problem with sex scenes (and my writing of this was praised in a critique of Running to Love), but I don't think it's appropriate for this work, so I've got a seduction, but I leave the shagging to the imagination of the reader - it's bound to be much more erotic that way.


I've finished the lace part of Brenda's cardigan - which feels like quite an achievement. I was getting heartily sick of the pattern, so it's good that I've just got a shaped bit of stocking stitch and then the edge band to do.

I've also made another rose, this one with more petals, and this one actually looks like a rose, so I've pitched the pattern to one of the knitting mags.

I've had another idea for a knitting article too, so I'll mull that around for a few days.


Work is dull. C'est la vie. It keeps me in printer cartridges and yarn. This weekend was a beer and curry weekend (well, I don't drink beer, but "Appletiser and curry" doesn't do a lot for my street cred). It was a good 'un, mostly spent with friends, talking about books, being lent books, and having a good laugh. I like weekends like that.

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