Friday, 9 November 2007

Crack open the Champagne!


Okay - perhaps my title is a bit OTT but I have finished Brenda's Cardigan! Yeah!

The next thing I must do, is ring her sister in law, and tell her not to give Brenda any more copies of Woman's Weekly, as that's where the pattern came from.

I'm only joshing - it's a beautiful pattern, but I'm glad it's behind me.

Now I'm to start on her yellow and grey tea cosy - picture to follow, once I've started it.


A bit of an oddity today, as I wrote a piece of copy about my work for our local paper. I've asked for a byline, which I don't expect to get, but you never know.


We ordered a new bathroom today. It's a bit scary and grown up. I know best beloved and I are both 40, but neither of us do much in the "grown up house owner" line, so it's all a bit strange, but hopefully it will all work wonderfully (or it will be wonderful if it works, one or the other!)

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