Thursday, 22 November 2007

Who needs sleep?


There may be those among you who recognise this title as a Barenaked Ladies song. But it sums up how I feel today.

Sleep is vastly overrated. It's 25 to midnight, and I'm here, after having looked up the address of my nearest Argos Extra (need to get a light for the bathroom), and trying to work out if I'm hungry or not.

I've just gone for a couple of bourbon creams - that's better.

Life is crashing around me at the moment, not in a negative way, just in a busy one. Off on hols in two days, so I'm stressing trying to get everything done. We're having a new bathroom put in while we're away, so I'm stressing about the prep work we need to do for that. Then the day after we come back, I have an interview for a new job. These are all lovely things, but lovely can still be stressed, especially when you add to that the fact that the cat is going into a cattery for the first time since she's been with us - will she revert to psycho type on her return?

Plus, if I get this new job, I will be very happy, and extremely skint. For God's sake, I'm 40 years old, without a shred of savings, and no contingency money at all. When will I grow up?


I've finished the first of Kelly's socks, and am a short way through the second. All good so far.


Have done bugger all, but plan to write my synopsis on holiday, as well as re-draft the first 1000 words for a comp.

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