Monday, 29 October 2007

Birthday card


Guilty as charged, I have nothing to report. I met one of my writing group for coffee today, and we had a good old chat, so I did a lot of thinking about writing, but no actual words on screen.

Tomorrow is another day.


It's a friend's birthday on Saturday, and many of her friends are arty and creative, leaving me feeling very inadequate (that's not hard to do). So I thought I'd knit a birthday card. Ages ago I bought some blank cards which can be used to put in your own artwork. My knitting is my art, so I made a card. I was thinking of doing a whole "happy birthday" message, but although I was working in 2.5mm needles, I was still using DK yarn. so the tension wasn't really fine enough for that. The top and bottom details are in silver, which doesn't really show in the photograph, but they make it a bit sparkly and pretty. I hope she likes it, either because it's great, or because it's funny.

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