Wednesday, 17 October 2007

It's late in the day......

.... 11:20 in the evening to be exact, but I've got a busy head.

My new bamboo circular and dpns arrived today, along with some pretty stitch markers. I must make nice needle cases - perhaps a sewing job for my holiday later in the year.

Work is dull - I don't want to be checking files and fannying around with spreadsheets - that's my problem.

When I got home I put together a proposal for a book on knitting and emailed it off. When I tell people about it, they seem unsure - perhaps because it's unknown territory for them, or perhaps because it's rubbish. There aren't any other books around on the same subject, so does that mean I've found a niche? Or is it simply a crap idea? Time, and that terribly nice editor, will judge.

Had a piano lesson this evening. It went quite well, and then because I was home alone I sat watching TV (Location, location, location best and worst places) and knitting. I finished the first sleeve of my friend's cardigan over the weekend, and I'm near the top of the second one, so I'm happy to feel that I've got the worst bits behind me.

Went shopping for handknitted second hand sweaters today, and was delighted to find two in my local Oxfam shop. This is the same shop I bought my doll in last week - it would appear to be my new knitting supplies emporium!

Sweet dreams all.

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