Friday, 12 October 2007

Stuffing a fairy's leg

Being a keen knitter can lead you to odd pastimes. Two days ago, I was making a (crocheted) fairy for a charity fundraiser at work. The phone started to ring, and the thought going through my head was "go away - I'm stuffing a fairy's leg".

Today, I picked up a doll in my local Oxfam shop, who will become the model for my hand knitted dolls' clothes on ebay. She's the right size and a pretty doll, but her hair was a bit of a mess, so once I got home today, I was washing a dolly's hair. I think I should have conditioned too (!), as it was still a bit untidy, and I managed to break the teeth from a comb while trying to sort it out.

I've got it more or less straight, but it does look a bit like that awful Posh Spice haircut that so many women had 5-10 years ago. Do you remember the one I mean? The front was smoothed down into a bad Adolf Hitler impersonation, and the back was sticking up as though the woman had just got out of bed. Whoever thought of that one?

We had our writing group last night, gathered at mine for a discussion of one of Ros's short stories, the first page of Mary's detective novel, and chapter 13 of my opus. It was a useful evening. The lovely Bronwen came along; sadly her father died on Monday, and so it's a very difficult time for her, but it was good to see her, and she seems to be coping very well. We meet again in a fortnight, so I'd better get writing.

That's all for today - off to the Knitting and Stitch show tomorrow - can't wait!

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Queen of the froggers said...

Enjoy the knitting and stitching show. Thank you for the comment x