Sunday, 14 October 2007

Knitting and Stitch Show

I went, I saw, I shopped.

It was a busy but great day yesterday at Ally Pally.

It was hot, crowded, you couldn't get into the learning curve stuff, but it was a good day, and I bought loads of wool.

Being a girl from a provincial town sadly lacking in decent knitting shops, it was great to see yarns that I normally only read about in the knitting mags.

It was a question of "get thee behind me, visa card" once I got to the Black Sheep stand, as I had promised myself that it would be cash only day, and I nearly spent £60 using my plastic, but with ultimate self control, and not a little regret I put the yarn back, and stepped away from the stand.

The only disappointment was the lack of needles/accessories around. The only needles I found were some pretty glass ones (far too noisy), Lantern Moon (beautiful but very expensive), stainless steel (I was after bamboo or wood), or a small selection on a few stands of Britanny needles, but these were frankly more than I wanted to pay, so I came home and hit ebay instead.

That aside I found a great book of crochet stitches (which I'd been after for ages - I thought I was going to have to write one myself), and loads of yarn.

It was also a good day on the writing front, as I chatted to folks (including editors) of four knitting mags - all of whom accept proposals from freelances - time to get writing and knitting!

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